Bespoke Custom Build Seiko Mod Divers Watch NH36 Automatic 'CAPTAIN WILLARD MOD'

Bespoke Custom Build Seiko Mod Divers Watch NH36 Automatic 'CAPTAIN WI

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All Brand New Parts, Movement Seiko Hattori NH36A. This movement houses 24 jewels and offers Hacking and Manual Winding options. 

The case is 6105 Based Polished Back Plate. Seven Grooved Crown. Please check stock availability of 'lock' crown.

Exhibition Back Plate is also available at request, please also check for stock availability.

Low Dome Crystal and a Classic Flat Pip Bezel Insert.

All Gaskets and Seals are new and lubricated appropriately

New '6105' Dial and 6105 Hands set Non OEM parts.

20mm Black Silicone WAFFLE strap.

A lovely One Off Custom Build of the Classic 70s Scuba Diver's Watch.

Enjoy 'CAPTAIN WILLARD'S 'Cult following of Seiko Mods a Vintage Revival AND Homage with modern time-keeping. Be Different, let your timepiece be the next topic of conversation.

Build Date and Delivery: Seven days after order is placed.

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