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Looking for a Seiko watch unique to you?

We offer a range of designs to create a one of a kind watch to suit your unique taste.


We restore all styles & types of Seiko watches to add to our growing collection.

Divers and Sports watches are among our range of specialist restored Seiko timepieces.


Iconic Seiko designs to wear today.

Part of our mission is restoring vintage Seiko timepieces to modern day working order. All the vintage watches in our collection are restored inhouse or using the expertise of professional watchmakers.

Welcome to WATCH TOMB

Watch Tomb specialises in restoration and modification of men's wristwatches.

Our vintage collection offers a range of vintage timepieces that are highly desirable and available from our on-line collection. Our bespoke Seiko range combines Seiko's iconic designs to create one-off wristwatches using original and replacement parts. Bringing back vintage designs for today's generation.

Our Seiko Story

Following his dreams, Mo is a man with a passion for Seiko! Read more of his Seiko story.

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